Obtain real-time data of your construction site.

photos and data taken in real-Time by Artifitial Intelligence using conventional video cameras.



How does it work?

Comvista installs a video camera with a small micro-computer which do all the object detection’s of the jobsite, and all that data collected is accesible through the App for you and/or the different stakeholders of your project.


Our devices use A.I. and computer vision specially dedicated to detect everyday object from the construction site, they convert pixels into valuable information for decision making, throught any conventional video camera.

The A.I. is able to know:

Number of worker

know the amount of workers that are in certain areas and the time that they started their activity.

Equipment being used

Register the type of equipment that is being used for that activity or in that area.


Register the use of workers’ PPE, and it can be customized to send notifications in real time at the moment it detects a person without the correct PPE.

Dump trucks that arrive to the jobsite

Register the time when the concrete truck or dump trucks  arrive to the jobsite.

Stockpile of material

Get notified when the stockpile of material in certain areas is about to end.

Workers at the excavation zone
Activity started at: 8:47 Hrs.
Material in Use: 
Trench shields
Equipment in Use:
1 Excavator
1 Backhoe
Today's average quality of PPE use.
Helmet usage 86%
Reflective vest usage 47%
Gloves usage 100%
Boots usage 100%

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