This is why you should have all your information Digitalized and I mean All

Every construction proyect is different and one might think that currently there is no a budged for this kind of solutions. But lets see the benefit of collecting data automatically compring to collecting with pen and paper by an entry level engineer.

Let say that a entry level supervisor is in charge of:

  • 7 different groups of workers
  • Material arrival (for payment purposes)
  • Equipment distribution
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

After all that data collection in the field, the engineer transfer that information into a spreedshet.
Lets add up the rework.
So comparing with having a software that uses all that.
In the app, create an account.
Select the type of activity that is starting, select the number of workers that are there, at what time they started working.

In the truck section, the place it will be downloaded.
the type of material that just arrived.

PPE Report

The Covid-19 has hit hard the construction industry, due to the social distancing and Biosegurity measurements, and it has raised the necesity to monitor jobsite remotely, and place less people at the job site.

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